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Am I the only one who hates trying to pay their easy pay balances on the QVC app or website? I buy most of my qvc items with easy pay, and I like to pay my full monthly balance at once. Then, usually after 2 months or so I'm ready to pay any balances I have left in full. Why is there no option for that?! You have to login to your account, find your easy pay orders, then click on and pay each individual item by month, or by the full balance.

For example, earlier this month I wanted to pay everything off. It gave me a total for the month of March, but no way to just pay that total. I had to pay for everything individually. Three weeks later and my card is charged from qvc (haven't ordered anything). Come to find out it's from an easy pay I missed! HSN and Evine have an option for this, so why doesn't QVC. Does anyone know of a better option that I'm missing?
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 I am guessing there is no easy way because the majority pay it monthly.  I rarely use easy pay, but have moved it up before.  I select all payments I want to pay before the closing date of the month.  If I go back a day or two later, they are included on my statement.  I either pay the statement then or wait until the date it comes out.

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I think they need to revamp this easy pay. when you check out they have ity designed that EP automaticly is used. It needs to be the other way.


If you want easy pay you should have to click on it  . I always have to go back in and change the easy pay to one payment , so most of the time i order by check if ordering by phone ,the go back here and change it later  !!!

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easy pay should not be the default