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For me, the post office isn't the problem, it's the circuitous route FedEx uses for a package.  

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As I have posted on other threads...USPS won't even deliver to my house/neighborhood. (they say I live too close to the post office). I am required to have a PO Box, and UPS and FedEx usually must have a physical address. If I put my physical address, USPS sends the package back to the sender. So, I include my PO Box and hope the item is in a small enough package that UPS or FedEx will leave it at the post office.


I am disabled and I live in a tiny town with literally no chain stores, so ordering online is very important to me. This change at QVC has made things really annoying.


At least give me the option to choose upgraded ground delivery directly to my door, please. I can only get to my PO Box once a week or so.

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I would like to have the option to chose which mail carrier at checkout. 

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It is bad.

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I have a better idea, let each of us choose for ourselves which shipper we want to give our money to.  I personally like Fedex as well as Fedex/Smartpost.  It works out very well for me better than UPS but I'm not saying let's just ram it down everyone's throat. Give us shipping options please! 

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Question? It's been a been long time since I have ordered from QVC ,but I aways ordered express, because it's less worry to when and who will delivery will occur.In those years I never had a problem with shipping. HSN refunded me the difference when there was problem. No matter the site I order from I want it express.I see from customers complaints these issues occurs with regular shipping.I don't​ order a lot of stuff,that why I personally always order express,or pick up from my B\M. Regular shipping means they put it all in one box,so to speak,you get it when you get,and if there's a major holiday then it when He** Freezes over. You luck out if you received the item on estimate due day. Christmas gifts I suggested you order in October, especially if it's a TV or computer (to which neither would I order) Customers service is caught between a customer and their employer when customers complaints about delivery issues. Smart post to me, no matter if's UPS or FedEx is not solving the issues.Customers may have to pay more for shipping, because shopping  channel are in it for money,the cheaper they can get the item to you does not mean if will get there in your time but their time. 

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Another lost package for me.  Getting credit.  I traced the first one last month, and they found, but never arrived at P.O. this time.  The Q has gone to pot.


I am amazed at the drop in quality of both UPS, FedEx and USPS deliveries. In the last month, have had 3 packages either lost or misdelivered.  UPS and USPS both misdelivered packages, knowing the address where misdelivered.  I was told by UPS&USPS the drivers/carriers would retrieve the pkgs and deliver to me; needless to say, I never received either of those packages; don't know who is wearing the shoes and eating the biscotti. The FedEx situation was billed and on way to FedEx for processing; it never happened and 2 wks later I still did not have the item. Obviously it never left the QVC warehouse; item replaced, different color, not pleased.  These things are happening way too often., costly writeoffs for QVC.....and sometimes lost pkg requires credit for us since item not available.

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I agree. I don't know what happened to UPS. By the time FedEx Smart Post transferred to USPS, I don't get my merchandise for at least 10-14 days!!! I live in California. It is crazy! I can related when USPS shoves the packages in the cluster boxes where I live. Half the time, they forget to put the key in my box. Smiley Sad I go down to the post office and they said it was delivered. They don't understand or care cuz it was delivered but NOT TO ME!!I Here is my suggestion......why cant QVC be like Amazon and now Walmart - with 2 day shipping? I will be happy to be a "club" member and pay a prime 2 day shipping. I love QVC but what is happening to the customer quality of care? It is making me shop on-line somewhere else. Smiley Sad
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What happened to the great shipping? I never had any complaints about QVC until now. It was always my go-to shopping place. At this moment I have packages "stuck" in my local post office that I ordered on the 28 of March. When I want something quikly I look to see if I can get it on Amazon because it will get here fast. I know I'm not the only one complaining about this. Something has to give with the shipping process. My packages are more well traveled than I am. I was looking at the tracking the other day. West Virginia, Tennessee, wonder it takes 10 or more days to get here!
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My cluster mailbox was replaced last Sept (b/c the legs were rusted out and ready to fall over) and the new replacement model has 2 large slots at the bottom for packages.  When you have a pkg that won't fit in your regular slot, the postal carrier puts a key in your mailslot so you can retrieve the pkg.  This was a life-saver during the holidays as we have "porch pirates" in our area.


FYI:  USPS has abdicated its responsbility to maintain cluster mailboxes due to budget constraints.  Our HOA's mgmt company ordered the new mailboxes and coordinated installation w/local post office.  In my case, we didn't get mail delivered for a week (although you could pick up your mail at the PO w/proper ID in the interim).