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This new shipping method is the worst.  I'm tired of USPS shoving packages in a small mailbox and not caring.  Complaining to the post offcie DOES NOTHING but get you grief. And they are SO SLOW!!!!

Please go back to UPS service on larger packages.

One good thing...I am ordering so much lessSmiley Happy

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Yes,  PLEASE!!!

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@molly ollyIn my neighborhood, UPS is no faster than UPS and no more reliable or excellent with service.  And the FedEx driver for my area apparently doesn't bother looking at the whole address before he drops packages!


We did go through a period some months back with our regular USPS person in hospital and I definitely saw a dimunition of service then, but overall I'm pleased.  And, I have no desire to pay Amazon shipping prices to get faster delivery -- but I know that makes me different from the rest of the Internet world of buyers.

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yes yes yes. pony express would be faster. dump dump dump

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The postal delivery people in my area do not want to be bothered getting out of their truck to deliver a package to the door, so they will force packages into the mailbox that are impossible to get out.  They are used to staying in the vehicle and placing letters & magazines in the box – then driving forward a few feet and repeating throughout the day.   They will spend more time forcing a package in the box than it would take to walk it to the door...just so they do not have to get out and walk to the door.  This is no delivery service!  If they can’t /won’t do the job you are paying them to do, give the business to someone who can/will do the job!

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Get a larger mail box!

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@Mz iMac wrote:

Get a larger mail box!





Not everybody can do that.



For example, my mailbox is part of a bank of mailoboxes, and I, too, have had packages shoved inside, to where I couldn't get them out.


And yes, I cussed and swore as I ripped the box apart, in order to get my item.


I left the empty, destroyed box inside my mailbox for the postal carrier to remove when they delivered the next batch of mail.



It was my way of letting them know that the box was too big to take out!


They still shove stuff in there, but it made ME feel better knowing that they had to deal with the empty, destroyed box.

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Another lost package for me.  Getting credit.  I traced the first one last month, and they found, but never arrived at P.O. this time.  The Q has gone to pot.

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I live in an apartment complex. FedEx doesn't even bother ringing the doorbell: they just stick a notice on a window saying your package is in the office (if the office is open).

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I AGREE!!!  Just called CS today to complain about it.  I live about 4 hours from QVC's main warehouse in Lancaster, Pa, and it can take 9 days for me to get an order,  Riduculous!  I an still waiting for an Isaac scarf that was ordered on March 21.  There is no shipping info available and Q says they can't look into it until April 6.  Really!  I'm watching less and ordering less as well.  The poor service along with the outrageous return fees have left me shopping elsewhere.  It's too bad.  Q used to be a great, convenient way to shop.  Guess they got so busy with new channels that they forgot all about the customer!