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Drives Me Crazy.....your home page

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On your Home Page you have pics of products you are featuring, now I want to buy that particular product, click on it and all of a sudden you have an array of products to choose from?  Why?


If you feature an item, you should go directly to the product page so you can order, not sit with a list and try to sort through everything to find it and not sure that's exactly what you saw?


I would suggest, click that product, go right into that item and then offer a button that you can view more?


My mind gives you people 5 seconds, I see too much I'm not interested anymore, too much work to sort through everything.


Part 2


So I clicked on the lip shades, nothing happened, so I clicked in the middle that tells me 6 easy pays (doing this by memory now) and you get a list of products, but wait, there's some pretty blue shadow color assortment on the top of that page, I'll look for those too.


Paged through 4 pages of products, nothing, not even anything close to finding those pretty shades of blue.


I'm just say'n, business isn't what it used to be and customers only give you so much time, I know personally if I can't find it, I'll go elsewhere and disappointed it's so hard to find something that alone is featured on the front page.


Also, the lip shades on the top of the most recent home page, who's are they, where do I find them?  Also, why do the colors appear so much brighter on the home page than on the item page...maybe that's just me. 

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Re: Drives Me Crazy.....your home page

I also noticed that the tab for my account is missing.  I went to check on a product and had to use the search bar.  I find this change to be quite inconvenient.

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Re: Drives Me Crazy.....your home page

yeah, 'just bling' you speak the truth. I've had that to happen too. I see a jacket I want, click on it and now you got a bunch of stuff that I don't want, so, I go on the hunt for the thing I'd love to have. Can't find it and give up.

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Re: Drives Me Crazy.....your home page

i agree. When the home page was redesigned for fall, I saw an adorable shawl on the home page. When I clicked on the picture I expected product info on the plaid shawl. Instead, pages and pages of fall clothing. Too much time spent looking for the shawl and I gave up. A link to the specific product in picture would be great. 

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Re: Drives Me Crazy.....your home page

I absolutely agree!  I don't even bother to click on anything on the home page anymore.

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Re: Drives Me Crazy.....your home page

I noticed this change only today when I searched for Philosophy's Gingerbread Man shower gel.  I got scads of Philosophy products I had to scroll through before I actually saw what I wanted.  Waste of time.