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Re: Customer Reviews are a great guide

I love the reviews too.  I really appreciate the ones who mention sizing.  What I don't find helpful, though, is reading a review of something that was offered in S, M, L, etc. and reading "I wasn't sure about sizing so I ordered the 10 and it fit perfectly."  Smiley Happy  Glad you liked the fit.  Your review was zero help to us but we appreciate your time.  Smiley Happy 

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Re: Customer Reviews are a great guide

I have called Customer Service about the "NoShow" Reviews.  It must have been over a month ago.  You would think they would have the issue solved by now! 

It is frustrating when there are reviews are missing.  I totally rely on the reviews, and think twice about purchasing.  I am sure I am not alone - as proven by the responses here - QVC is losing a lot of money!  Get with it and fix the problem, please!!  


Customer Care if you wish please respond as to when we can expect this problem to be resoloved!!  If at all!