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Dear QVC... My suggestion is to please turn the clothing racks sideways to the camera so we can see all the colors/prints being offered better. Normally we see only from the front view during the presentation and have to wait for the host to go through them all again. Thank you.

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I posted that suggestion 8  yrs ago.   


Other night host did mumble so you can see & actually turn the rack of many colors around.  My jaw dropped................



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A couple of days ago I saw them with the rack sideways.  Could see the difference in the browns that way.  Wish they always did it.

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I recently saw one of the brand-new hosts purposely turn her rack of clothes sideways so we could see it better.  Maybe there's  hope.

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good idea....simple  solution

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By placing the rack sideways so that people can see ALL the color offerings of the clothing item being sold, you don't NEED A SECOND HOST TO STAND THERE HOLDING AS MANY OF THE COLORS AS THEY CAN MANAGE!    It looks A LOT more professional and avoids the human grinning clothes rack!   PLEASE QVC!

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Caroline Gracie used to do just that on Denim & co shows.