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Could you please consider offering chlorine resistant swimwear.   I'm a year around swimmer and aerobic exciser nd would would appreciate a Swimming suit that would last longer.




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small niche for Re: Chlorine-resistant awimwear

Too small of a niche for shopping channel or any broad range store to carry.

You'd be better off googling  major swimwear lines or athletic providers,

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Re: Chlorine-resistant awimwear

I had a neighbor who swam just about every day and she loved the suits from Land's End.



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Re: Chlorine-resistant awimwear

Try swim and sweat swimwear my mom likes them. Find it on line

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Re: Chlorine-resistant awimwear

Not going to happen here.  More expensive fabric.  Also the strap placement matters.  Catering to waders here.  

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Re: small niche for Re: Chlorine-resistant awimwear

Check out Swim and Sweat. You can get them from $40-60. They have frequent sales.

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Re: small niche for Re: Chlorine-resistant awimwear

Yes.  Swim and sweat carries the best water resistant swim suits called Krinkle by Pembroke.  I started water aerobics over 10 years ago and have bought several of their suits.   They are the best!