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Will CIJ ever end.  Enough is enough.                  Linda

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Retailers make up to 30% of their yearly sales at Christmas.  Many are not raking in the money throughout the rest of the year.  Of course, they are going to push it big time.  


Without those sales a lot of employees would be laid off.


QVC has had Christmas in July for 32 years.  They wouldn't do it if many people weren't buying.




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I never watch Christmas shows.  They're the same old, same old.  

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QVC will have Christmas programming in July and throughout the remainder of the summer and fall until they go all out sometime in October.  It's been that way for 33 years and they aren't going to change. 

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@pennysmomMaybe the year after Christmas is no longer a religious and a cultural holiday in the world?

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Christmas in July will go until July 31 then it will be Christmas in August and so on and so on.  I love these shows.  To me they are a breath of fresh air over the countless clothing and "gourmet" food shows.  


I am just one that loves all things Christmas. 

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@pennysmom - The first part of CIJ is now over for a couple of weeks. Technically, you'll still see Christmas items throughout July, so CIJ will end when the month ends . . . but then you'll get CIA(ugust), CIS(eptember), and CIO(ctober) before the Q even starts to slow down on the programming. Once we hit November and December, there's much less Christmas stuff aside from "gift options," which basically means everything in QVC's inventory that could be placed in a package (or Kringle Express bag) and given to someone. So I guess your choices are to check the program guide so you can avoid the Christmas shows, only shop QVC online, or ignore QVC altogether. Enjoy!

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So  don't watch - that should solve your "problem".


I will never understand these types of posts, year after year.  It seems as if enough people  liked the programming, certainly in regard to the TSV that day - thousands purchased Valerie's item.



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They haven't even gotten warmed up yet.  When will it end?  December.

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I certainly can voice an opion.

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