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My friend bought an IT Cosmetics Special Edition Luxe Brush Set with Brush Roll Makeup Bag, some of the best brushes at a great price. Everyone in our book club and at work wants one. I understand it was a Special Edition but, still hope you could offer it one more time Smiley Wink

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Hopefully QVC will bring this set back. 

IT cosmetics site, eBay and Amazon to name a few may have the set you and your friends are wanting to purchase. 

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Ultra offers the brush set, but at the full price.


i saw the brush set on QVC.  They said when they were sold out, they would not be back.


Maybe  they will offer a different set in the future.

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i think that they have done a set every year. a new set will probably be back sometime in november. they are some of my favorite brushes.

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I have a full set of brushes with wooden handles, not the silver-toned handles. Those are the best brushes I've ever used. I sent the TSV to my niece in Tampa and she raved about this case! Now, I'd like that. Hopefully, it will be offered again next year. Seems like I've seen a different version before? Cannot remember when or where.

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I purchase a brush set every year from It, as their brushes are the best on the market and it makes a great gift.  Far as I am aware the brushes are only done once a year for the holidays.

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Re: Bring Back, Please! (Mally Beauty Brow Fix)

Please bring back Mally's Brow Fix (Brow Beauty) in Universal Taupe.  I've called QVC (with no help whatsoever) , contacted Mally's web site, posted on her Social Media sites etc,  all to no avail.  It was the BEST brow product ever & her new ones just aren't the same.  People are selling them on Amazon & Ebay for unbelievalbly inflated prices, but now even they're all sold out too. These companies always state on air that ".we brought this back because you insisted, you spoke up" ....I'm trying to do that, but no one hears or cares.  What does it take, really?  Can someone help me out here?  


Since Mally discountinued Brow Fix it, I've tried literally hundreds of dollars worth of other brow pencils/products, including Mally's other offerings.  They fall so short--just not a comparison for me.  Please sweet Mally, bring back Brow Fix.   Thanks so very much!