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@Mominohio wrote:

While this would be nice, it simply is too labor intensive to be considered. All returns would have to be opened, graded, marked, then item numbers or choices within the item numbers offered....all not worth it for the money they will make on an as is item.


As is items are returnable in 30 days, just like regular merchandise. And 'as is' doesn't mean damaged, defective or incomplete. When I get something purchased 'as is' that fits any of those descriptions, I send it back for a full refund with all shipping charges credited. 

@Mominohio I think it depends on the category. I bought 2 "as is" pants that were probably returned for the rise sizing, as it was a popular complaint in the reviews, but they fit me great. They did stink heavily of perfume and had to be washed multiple times, but other than that, were good. I don't buy many "as is" clothing items, so I don't have much experience there.


Most of what I buy "as is" are jewelry pieces or handbags and they are most definitely damaged or incomplete. Jewelry is hit or miss, depends on the item. Some were probably the on air pieces, some have broken clasps, etc... Same with handbags. I bought 2 Dooney bags this week and both had massive scratches on them, obviously used. One had the dust bag, one didn't. Many of the reviews on Q for "as is" Dooneys that originally come with accessories, say they don't always come with them "as is", so they are incomplete, some are missing crossbody straps, and on and on. Some of them come and look brand new, nothing missing and not a scratch, so it leaves me to wonder how they actually determine what is "as is".


QVC will most likely never change the way they sell these items, but one can only ask...