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@soonersis. The playoff games this year were all entertaining.   It's so nice to have different teams in the Super Bowl.   I'd be happy with either one.  However, it would be so nice to see the Bengals get the win.  A 2nd year QB winning the game would be pretty amazing.

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@soonersis wrote:

So who is everyone supporting for the Super Bowl?  When my team's not playing I often don't care and just want a good game which I'm hopeful this one will be. But I try to find some reason to pick a team so I have someone to root for during the game.  It's often whatever team has Sooners on it which is why it was hard for me to choose between the Bengals and Chiefs last week.  The Bengals have the running back duo of Mixon and Perine who were so much fun watching when they played for OU.  But the Chiefs have 3 former OU players as offensive starters.


So do I now root for the Bengals?  It's temping, but I also would be happy for Matt Stafford to win after playing in Detroit for so long with nothing to show for it.  He's a Dallas kid so gets a lot of coverage around here.  And yet it is the year of the Tiger... 

Easy answer. Bengals! Who Dey!!!


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I am going with the underdog too!   I would like to see the Bengals win, though I have no skin in the game so like others I am just hoping for an exciting one.  The playoffs were great this year too, that Benglas comeback was impressive.

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I am a cat person so of course the Bengals!  

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Bengals. It's the Year of the Tiger.

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I'm usually for the NFC team but in this case as much as I'd like to see Matt Stafford get a ring, I'm for the Bengals. But mainly I want to see a great game. I'll probably be happy which ever team wins.  

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Re: Bengals or Rams?

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Well, since my Cowboys didn't make it, I will go with the Rams since their quarterback, Matthew Stafford, is from Highland Park in Dallas, Tx. 


That half-time show was the worst I have ever seen, though!Woman Sad

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Wasn't a fan of the twerking in the half time show, really not a fan of the face mask pull and just letting it pass.  Oh well it's the NFL what did I expect?

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Go Bengals!!