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Would you wear these?

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These look very weird to me.  When would someone wear them and why?


The pumps look fine, but I don't understand why there would be zippered pant legs collars attached.


Available on Zulily


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The sandal part is cute. That's it.

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I couldn't make it across the living room in those heels.  The "pants leg" is just a gimmick to sell shoes to those who think they're very chic.

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Another "no".

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There's a reason they are on sale. Ugly and no one wants them.

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They look ridiculous to me.

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After a "lifetime" of wearing 4-6 inch heels five to six days a week for years and bilateral plantar fasciitis surgery I now go barefoot as much as possible so the answer it a loud and clear NO.

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A ridiculous look, IMO.  I would not wear anything like it.  I have seen this style in boots lately too when browsing on line.   I feel it will be short lived.

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@Carmie   I don't understand the collars but in my younger days would wear the shoes in a heartbeat.  Tried to find more info on the collar but unable to do so.