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I purchased the Vionic house shoes and the bottom of the shoe was like walking on a wooden plank, not flexible at all, they were returned. Are all of the Vionic shoes soles not flexible at all? I want to try them again but I don't want a competely rigid sole. 

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@Dixie64I wear a Vionic sandal very similar to yesterday's TSV.  I have terrible feet which can, of course, lead to back pain, but I've worn these sandals pretty much every day for my house shoes.  I'm not sure how long I've had them -  I think almost since Vionic came to QVC and I like them so much that I bought a second pair for my summer apartment.


Sad to say, I can't talk about any other Vionics except their sneakers.  I wore out my first pair of those, but the sneakers I bought a few months back don't fit the same so next time I want Vionics, I'm going to my local shop shop where I can try on before buying.  (I just hate even thinking about returns let alone paying for them!)

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I ordered the Vionic Terry Thong Slippers in pink....I was surprised to see them the other night, as I first saw them in a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog that I receive, so I already have them in grey....They look the same so I hope that they are...I have a mild case of Planter Fasciitus with my left foot and have found that these are great for giving me the proper support that I need...I used to love just wearing some cute lounging socks around our home but, as I have just found out, not so good for the feet.


It does take some time to adjust to them and break them in which only took me a few days...I don't have any other Vionic shoes as of yet, but I did also get their insoles.



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I tried them and had the same experience, sole not comfortable.

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I orderd the Thong slippers yesterday. I ❤️ them! I have 5 pair of Vionic house slippers (different styles) and love the thong style the best because I live in a year-round warm climate.

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I love Vionics.  Have several pair in different styles.

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I tried them and was really hoping that they would feel good on my flat feet, sadly after I gave them a longer try out than I should have, they just made my legs ache. I know they work for many people, but for me they were a bust.

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