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Hoping that the designers will consider making a peep-toe shoe - not a sandal, but a walking shoe with open toe.  My toes rub when my feet get warm exercising.  Bigger size only makes the heel  too loose. Thank you!

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I would love to see skechers bring back the very first pr I ever bought. I love these, still wear them but those round cushioned pods on the soles have totally worn away I've walked so many miles in them.


The uppers are a black mesh type fabric, very soft. It's the soles that drew me to them - a totally retro tye-dye too cool for school they say!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WANT a brand new pr exactly like these and now that they do a tye dye of sorts in a couple of new designs I know they could bring these back. I just some how need to take a pic of these, send them to the right skechers person in the company and then just BEG for new ones!!!!!!!

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I am always looking for a Sketchers navy slip-on with a navy sole.  They do not exist currently.  I see grey and white, but never navy.

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