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I've been buying Ryka shoes for several years but it seems like more and more the sizing is inconsistent, to the point that I have to think long and hard first and then, most likely I won't buy until I see enough positive reviews about sizing. It appears this is a problem for many other customers too. Does anyone know if this issue is being addressed?
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Bbe, it isn't only Rykas! I've worn the same size since I was in Jr. high. I've been ordering shoes from QVC for about five years, but only occasionally. Sizing was consistent until the last year or two.

I never had problems with Skechers--could count on them fitting. Until the last pair which was way small and narrow.

Also, I ordered a pair of sandals maybe two months ago from Earth Origins and they are way too big, and too wide.

No more shoe buying for me unless I try them on first.

It's really disappointing and sad, isn't it?

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I find these problematic inconsistanties are more in the clothing lines. I've never found this to be in shoes (now) as well. Actually I really shop around a lot for shoes myself. If I see something here that I like I'll more than likely find the same shoes elsewhere for much less.

I really do get tired of the clothing however - all this means for many of us is the need to return at our expense. This practice gets very old, bothersome and costly. I don't understand how and why this happens anymore - QUITE aggrevating.

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I don't think that it's possible for shoe brands to address fit issues adequately, even across one style of shoe, the fit may be different in different colors. Even when you try on multiple pairs of the same style and color shoe, each left and right shoe can fit differently. I have had that experience at Winners, Sears Canada, and the Canadian Naturalizer shoe store.

At Sears I tried on 6 pair of Natural Soul shoes in the same color and style in a size 8 and every left and right shoe fit differently, I picked the ones that fit the best. At Winners I tried on at least 5 pair of Born clogs and each left and right shoe fit differently too, I also picked the best fitting left and right shoe. At the Naturalizer store, the same shoe in different colors fit differently, one color fit and one was too tight even though they were the same size.

If I have the choice I always will try on more than one pair of the same shoes due to fit issues.