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I would love to buy a pair of silver toned shoes for summer but not sure what oolor clothing to wear with them.  Like most of us I usually buy shoes to match clothing I already have or am considering buying!   I think winter in the Northeast has finally gotten to me and something sparkly and bright is quite appealing.  Thanks in advance for any input.  Gail

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I have these metallic sandals from Mephisto and I really like them.  The fact that there are multiple colors makes them work with just about anything.

Image result for Mephisto Juliette Women's Wedge Sandal

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I consider silver sandals/flats to be pretty much a neutral color. Wear it with white, navy, turquoise, black, gray, pink, and more. I'm not a person who matches shoes to clothes - never have done that, and I don't think I'm in the minority. I have a pair of silver colored cute flip flops and think they look great with most colors.

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@gellen good choice!  Metallics are considered neutral and will go with everything in your wardrobe.Woman Very Happy

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I noticed a nude shoe/sandal is popular. Even if the outfit is black and white. I guess it makes the leg look longer. 

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I have several pairs of silver shoes and consider them a neutral.  I have a pair of silver quilted sneakers on which I always get a ton of compliments.  Isaac had a similar pair but I got mine from Zulily.  I wear them with my Denim & Co. things.

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You can wear silver or gold sandals with any color you want as they are considered neutrals. I think it adds just a pop to Summer clothing and the unexpected.

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 First color that popped in my head was white, but really any color would work.

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Silver, like gold is neutral so you can wear any and every color with them.  That's why many people opt for metallic flats or sandals; they go with everything.