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Seriously??? The shoes on the website are a whopping $1.00 off!

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It seems weird, but I looked more closely and they are showing the QVC price, not the retail price which should be twice as much as the sale price. But, who can know for sure what they are doing. They never have my size in anything I want to buy, so I will not even waste my time watching.
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I have a feeling they don't have very many available. When this first started years & years ago, there was good quality and true 50% off. I think now they do it to try to look good.

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I was totally surprised when I looked at the selection. Where's our 50% off prices with 100% going for charity?!?

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First off , I want to say that since 100% goes to breast Cancer I think that is great. Most charities only give 10% of sales.

But back to the real issue, they claim 50% of retail. Well I have to say many of the shoes are not the new seasons style, they are a few seasons old. if you search you can buy them on discount sites for the same price or less, but of course these sites are not donating to breast cancer.

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I was just coming to this category to post exactly what this OP did....a DOLLAR?? I'm not getting the point. Does Q $ell these shoes at this price regularly? Why not just mark original price as $1 less to begin with? Lol. They used to get great shoes...I own 2 pairs of UGG slippers,pink cameo and pink moccasins,and love wearing them and love the donation aspect.But if the shoes are awful, I'm not gonna sit thru the show and anticipate the shoe offers. I will really just donate. Yes people k e say " but it's for charity....that's the point." ,etc.Well technically that's true.However, better shoes would rise more donations. This assortment looks like vendors just are getting rid of the duds.
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Actually, there are a number of shoes that are 1/2 price off, but nothing I particularly care for. The really good ones will be shown the day of the show, which I will be missing due to work. That's how it seems to have been for the last few years.

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I put the Marc Fisher cap toe flats in red and black/silver and the Kenneth Cole studded flats in black on my wish list. I think the Marc Fisher shoes are a pretty good deal. I don't know if I will purchase or not...