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Shoes.Com is good,i have bought some shoes from them,andother site i usually go is, also providing free shipping !
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@ItsME wrote:

I just took a look at the site.  There is also 25% off on the site.  That, with the rebate, is a sweet deal!


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This is formerly known as and I have had many great purchases and returns with them in the past.  It has been awhile I need to check out the deals again.

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I’ve shopped at, now for about nine years. now owns is a subsidiary of Walmart.

I’ve never had any problems with the shoes I buy from them.

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i buy several pairs, of shoes, from them during the year(hubs too). i wear W/WW and they have a good selection. i have returned with no problem-but they charge a 6.95 restocking fee-not unreasonable-and free returns. i think their free shipping is slow. it takes 1 week, from ordering (CA) to make it to Michigan.