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First time ordering from QVC and very disappointed.  Ordered two pairs of shoes and the sizing was not correct - the shoes were too big!


I did not review the return policy before buying.  Shocked to know the cost for return!


Unfortunately, I will never be ordering from QVC again!

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If you like the shoes, it's free to exchange them for a smaller size. Shoe returns are expensive.

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Before I place an order with ANY company, I always check the return policy, no matter if i'm ordering a calendar.



The Q does a return/exchange policy, just mark it exchange for the size you want and wait for your new shoes to come.

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Live and learn, always check the return policy anywhere you shop, whether it's online or B&M stores.

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Not at all surprising.  Recently, I had this problem with shoes at QVC.  Sizing is even inconsistent for the same size.  The size I ordered was huge.  Ordered the same style and size again...they fit.  


Remember shoe sizers used by shoe departments that accurately measure our foot size?


I use a professional shoe sizer and know what size I wear, so it's maddening when shoes I order commonly don't fit.  


The problem as I see it is most shoes are made in China.