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Re: Shoe Repair

We have a wonderful guy here that just opened a shoe repair shop.  His wife does my alterations (I can't get out of my self to measure, if ya know what I mean).  He just redid the heel on my expensive boots for work.  Ready for next year!!!Smiley Happy 

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Re: Shoe Repair

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I have many pairs of Birkenstocks/Birki's. Around 6 yrs ago, the heels on a pair of my Birki sandals were worn way down. I'm sure it would have been expensive to repair - which I wouldn't do. So - I went on 6PM dot com - and ordered lots of brand new Birkenstocks/Birki's for $50/pair. I'm still wearing all of them.

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Re: Shoe Repair

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@I am still oxox wrote:

Like so many things these day shoes seem to be replaced rather than repaired

@I am still oxox


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Re: Shoe Repair

About eight years ago, I sent in a pair of Birkenstock sandals to an authorized Birkenstock repair dealer to have the cork repaired.

They said that the entire footbed needed to be replaced.

Cost $65, so I had to break in the sandals just like a new pair.


Would I do again? No.

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Re: Shoe Repair

@ALRATIBA wrote:

The one pair of Skechers that I bought - the soles started to crumble and fall off in chunks and those shoes had NEVER been worn outside - only indoors.  Same issue with a pair of Clark sandals.


@ALRATIBA I wear a lot of Skechers, Clarks and Vionics in NYC streets and have worn many out, but not crumble. The Skechers in particular are inexpensive and the tops look worn out so I just discard  The soles wear out at about the same rate. Were you able to repair your skechers and clarks?


I once took a pair of new unisole shoes that I liked a lot to have the soles protected with rubber that can be replaced, as I used to do with fine leather sole shoes I used to buy in the past, and the cobbler wouln't do it, he said come back when the bottom wears out because he would have to cut into it anyway to do that work, but I never brought them in  Truthfully, the tops and bottoms for me wear out at about the same rate, and I discard the shoes, or give away if in good shape and just tired of them.

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Re: Shoe Repair



I didn't even attempt to have them repaired.  That would simply be "throwing good money after bad."  I tossed them.