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I bought my first Dooney and it is the Pouchette in black w/tan straps. I now want to order it in Navy. I ordered 2 other Dooneys but sent them back as they were beautiful but too big and heavy for me. The Pouchette is perfect. Everything is at my fingertips when I open it. I can now leave a credit card or money in one of the pockets and know that it is secure. Cell is in one pocket. Lipstick, work badge, mirror & lighter in one pocket. Papers in zippered pocket. Small wallet, keys, sunglasses, reading glasses and room for more in purse. The looks of this bag is deceiving. I know there has been talk about Dooney's being able to be bought other places cheaper but none have the same customer service and return policy as QVC.

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Glad you like your new bag and find that it works well for you.

Everyone should shop as they see fit and in whatever manner works for them. Easy Pay is an advantage, but otherwise, not paying full retail or high shipping and potentially return shipping works best for me more times than not... Moreover, I'm a bit stymied on the supposed benefits of their return policy. There are a few that won't, but many retailers these days will accept a return within thirty days, some even longer.

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