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Really cute NAOT sandals on last night, but $170? Anyone try this line?



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I had a pair of Naot sandals which I returned.  Sorry but I can’t remember why.  


Look at Zappos.  If I was looking at the pair you liked, the price is the same but you will get free shipping.  

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I bought a pair of NAOT loafers about 6 years ago at a shoe store.  The clerk recommended them for my "teacher feet" which need expensive shoes after standing all day for so many years.  I still wear them often because they are so comfortable yet supportive.  Pricey?  Absolutely!!  That's why I have only one pair.

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@Shanus  Yes they are expensive.....they are hand made in Israel.  They have a cork footbed with a padded top, and they do last forever.  I have one pair of shoes that I wore a lot years ago, and one pair of boots that I bought from QVC.  They are very supportive.

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I do love Naots. I find the sandals fit me fine, but the closed toe shoes seems to run about 1/2 size short. Depends on the style.


you can find decent Naots on eBay for a lot less, if you aren't opposed to wearing a shoe that someone wore a maybe couple times. Not much different than trying on shoes at a shoe store, really.

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@Shanus.  Zulily featured Naot shoes a few days ago.  They were a lot less than $150.  I checked and they also had some that weren't featured during a sale.  I found them by putting the name in the search bar.  They are, of course, fresh from the factory.


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I have been wearing Naot sandals for years.  I really like the Kayla style and have them in every color.

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@Shanus,I have NAOT.  They're the real deal and totally worth it.  Definately not a "one season" shoe!


Mine are similar to this in all black.  On mine the part across the toe is braided and doesn't have velcro.  Love them!  They rock with Eileen Fisher, Flax, and J Jill.


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I have a few and love them. They are expensice but wear forever. I have a very narrow foot and high arch so I need the support I get from Naot.

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Naots are fabulous shoes -pricy yes, but if you have any issues with your feet they are so worth the price.  They wear well and seem to last longer.  My husband has two pair that were quite expensive but three years later they are still good.  I would say try them for 30 days and I bet you won’t be sending them back.