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I have the aqua and love it. I own this one and the gray. The color is a pretty blue green. For sure more blue than green. Its a winner. I saw the presentation of it yesterday and switched out of my Pink Flo satchel to this one Smiley Happy


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I guess I'm the odd one out here. I've owned this style in the natural, saddle, and black and ended up selling all of them on ebay after not carrying them in my rotation of handbags. For me it just wasn't working. Too bulky maybe - I don't know - just wasn't all that for me. But them what do I do - I ordered an "as is" in gray on a whim and it was a horrible mess so back it went. Then I purchased a navy one off ebay and it definitely was not in "like new condition" like the seller stated - thank goodness it had a 14 day money-back guarantee. Finally, a while back I ordered this logo lock bag that keeps haunting me in the aqua. The color just didn't wow me - so back it went. I need to stop my craziness with this handbag and make myself realize that I don't have a future with this one!!! I think my problem is that this handbag is repeatedly shown on almost all the Dooney shows and that's why I keep thinking it's a pretty cool handbag!{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

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Have in both strawberry and aqua.Love them both,but that aqua is gorgeous!!!You can't go wrong either way!

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Thanks jazalboy! I'm going to try to get both colors! I'm crazy about both.