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Rockport Total Motion shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. It feels like you are wearing sneakers, even though it is a regular shoe. They make different styles. If you check ou their website they run sales almost weekly. 

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I love Bzees. They are all machine washable, have arch support and need no break in time. 

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I have 2 pair of Bzee wedges that amazingly enough I can wear without discomfort.


I have not tried their flat styles. Cat Happy

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Lunch time special has 100 shoes on sale for 34 and free shp.


Sperry brand only color left is blue. I got it.

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My suggestion would be Cobb Hill, Comfortiva, Naturalizer, Merrill, Munro, Rockport; my go to brands for casual, comfortable shoes.  

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Do you have a DSW nearby?  They carry a wide variety of shoes/sandals/sneakers.  Anything from comfortable to 6" heels!  Something for everyone.