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Just tuned in to the Tignanello show this morning and like the first featured bag, an attractive medium sized hobo in great colors. However, the hardware is so shiny you could see it from space and it ruins the whole bag for me.

I've noticed other brands sporting the super shiny hardware and have passed on purchasing a bag I otherwise truly love because of it. Just wondering if I am the only one? What are your preferences on the hardware? Or does it matter to you?

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I think it depends on the individual bag and how much hardware there is on it. Some bags have beautiful hardware that I might want to stand out and others just have functional hardware that I don't really need to be flashy.

I don't really have an overall preference.

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Silver is my preference. If it's gold it has to be solid brass, like Dooney used to use.

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Gold is my preference ---always! It makes the bag look more upscale.

It's hard to get a white or black bag with gold toned hardware, designers seem to always pair these colors with silver.

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I love all sorts of hardware...I like subtle, shiny gold hardware... brass hardware looks great on Dooneys....shiny, silver hardware is lovely too...I don't normally like gunmetal hardware nor very yellow gold hardware, which looks cheap in my opinion.
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I don't have a preference, necessarily. It's the overall look of the bag and how the hardware works with it that matters most to me.

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