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My fellow Q'ers, please help! I ordered the TSV White Mountain Boots, in a wide. Tried them on just now. Fit on my wide feet, but everywhere else they look ridiculous on me. WAY too wide in the shaft. I look as if I shoved wide splints down my pants. The shaft sticks out so much from my legs, they make my pants stick out. I look silly. Am I the only person who gets that just because I have wide feet, doesn't mean I have wide everything else? I'm NOT a plus-size person! I've battled my weight since fifth grade, and even at my heaviest, when I'm 35 pounds overweight, I'm still not plus-sized. Do all the shoe manufacturers really have the IQ of a potato? Seems that way. People, your feet continue to grow as you age, as do your ears and nose. I was a B width when I was younger, now I'm a c/d width. I just need the FOOT part of boots to be wide, the shaft to be regular width. Does anyone know of a line of boots that fits this bill? I hate to think that I can't wear boots at all because of this issue. If I could afford Neimans, Saks, Barneys and Bergdorfs, I bet they may have the boots I need. But I can only shop there in my dreams. *sigh* Thank-you in advance for any helpful suggestions.