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@goldensrbest wrote:

I like the way the footbed feels on my feet ,but does anyone find as i do ,they run a liitle long?

@goldensrbest :  I was thinking they ran a little small.  Normally an 8 will be fine with a little space but these run right up to the toe/heel.  I didn't check to see what reviewers said about it.  They are fine and not going back LOL.

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@Sweetbay magnolia wrote:

Yes, indeed, @Sweet_Serenity .  I need the metatarsal dome - I've had a hip replaced, which changed my gait, which led to top of foot pain, and wearing Spenco shoes was a game-changer.  No more pain.

@Sweetbay magnolia, for future reference, you might keep in mind

ABEO Premium Orthotic-Metatarsal Womens. You can find them online and at The Walking Company. They are worth every bit of their $79.95.


I walk more than three miles a day in comfort thanks to these inserts. I have always suffered from metatarsalgia. I'v also had four foot surgeries.


From the walking company's site:


ABEO Premium Orthotic-Metatarsal Womens

Metatarsal support provides enhanced arch support, with added ball-of-foot metatarsal support. Ideal for high arches, metatarsal support redistributes weight from the ball-of-foot and relieves forefoot pain and pressure.


More info on the site's page for this item. 


Premium Orthotic-Metatarsal WomensPremium Orthotic-Metatarsal Womens

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Much appreciated, @suzyQ3 !  I will check them out.

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@Sweet_Serenity @Sweetbay magnolia @suzyQ3 


They also sell those inserts at Foot Smart dot com and often have a sale.Smiley Happy


I have metarsal issues and the only shoes I can wear without one of those is Fly London.

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@phoenixbrd wrote:

I really like Dansko ...especially their clogs.  Your new slingbacks are adorable!


Neither style worked. Instead chose Vionic's.