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Coach Patent Alexandra Tote - Pics & Review

First, I must thank EMJones, for posting about this tote in another thread recently! I bought this on Tuesday as a pre-sale for Lord & Taylor's Friends & Family Sale that started today, so I couldn't pick it up until today, which I did at lunch. I love the look of this tote! It's a pretty, patent grey, that can be carried everyday. The zipper pockets are deep enough to hold a wallet for security. It's very roomy, without being a large bag. The strap drop is long enough to fit over my shoulder (and I had a very bulky coat on). My co-workers love it! So, why am I not in love with it? In the 2nd picture you will see it has a magnetic closure. For the most part it stays close. But sometimes when I'm putting it on my shoulder, or picking it up, or sitting it down, the snap opens. It may not be a big deal for most, but it really bothers me! A magnetic snap that won't stay snapped is like a zipper that won't zip; what's the point of having it? I have several magnetic snap bags, and sometimes when I carry them I don't snap the bag, BUT when I need to snap them I know they will stay snapped. It's a little thing, but it's a big thing!{#emotions_dlg.sad} NEEEXXXT!

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