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Hello all,

I have the "original" cabriolet tote. It had only the single pocket inside, but space for another. A few years back, I lucked upon a cell phone pocket, which I love, so I added that.

Well, I ordered the new cabriolet tote, that was the OTO a couple of weeks back and I loved the larger open pocket that was in there. So, I called D&B directly and asked for one. They have them. From talking to the Customer Service rep, they have a variety of pockets that go into the Cabriolet purses. However, they are not listed online anywhere! I would love to see the options.

Without pockets, that purse is too "big, gaping bucket" for me. Zero organization. Now, I have several different pockets to use and my cell phone is not just floating aimlessly around inside of there.

I did return the OTO. It was way too big to carry around on a daily basis. Beautiful bag. If I needed another tote bag, I would have kept it. I don't, so it is on the way back to Q.