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Today I purchased a beautiful Brahmin handbag at Dillards. Brahmin is my favorite brand of purse and this one is my 5th. When I went online to register my bag, I wanted to check out what it looked like online and to see if any stores had it cheaper. I couldn't find it anywhere online and noticed that all the other colors and versions of the Mini Anytime bags all have a nameplate and mine doesn't. Further, on the registration card it says the color is "black python" when it is clearly from the new Fall 2012 Snow Leopard collection. This didn't sit well with me, so I called Brahmin customer service and they said Dillard's sometimes has Brahmin exclusives that aren't sold anywhere else. This I didn't know. When I asked about why the color name was wrong, she said Dillard's can name the color whatever they want.

{#emotions_dlg.unsure} I don't know. I have a beautiful bag, I'm trying to let it go. Have any of you ladies ever purchased a Brahmin bag at Dillard's that wasn't available on the main site?

I think the sales lady at Dillards also said something about the trade in purse thing they do is at the end of the month. Smiley Wink