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Is it just me, or do the same 'as is' handbags appear over and over? I just imagine them going to one customer, being returned for a defect, then the 'Q' listing them again and again...and them being shipped out to the next customer...what do you think?

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Re: 'As Is' Dooney handbags...?

they used to be very difficult to find but now they are everywhere and yes they do seem to sell and come back. I have had pretty good luck with them and have saved lots of money but if you get a bad one and I had one I know someone used for quite sone time its a real pain. I love Dooneys and have started ordering directly from them. They give free shipping and the bags are packaged well. I have found i'm getting alot of used mdse from QVC and with the shipping its costing a lot. They also don't have the same great customer service that made me a constant shopper. I think my QVC days are numbered and my husband is thrilled. They just don't have sales or free shipping enough and so many other places are there that do. bev brannan