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Arch support?

QVC - PLEASE start noting (on all shoe descriptions) whether the shoes/sandals/boots include ARCH SUPPORT. Many of us cannot wear any shoes without (1) plenty of cushioning and (2) adequate arch support.

When I'm looking through your products, shopping for a new pair of sandals, why should I have to always look at 1 or 2 brands, that are consistent in that regard OR scan the photos, hoping to detect arch support?

Thank you for considering this suggestion! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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Re: Arch support?

Another reason to only buy shoes at a shoe store where you actually try them on and can hold them - see if they have the support you need etc. I am just amazed that so many of you buy shoes you have not tried on.
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Re: Arch support?

That's why I ONLY buy shoes online from websites that have free shipping both ways! There are PLENTY of sites that offer this. Otherwise, it is too expensive as shoes are heavy and cost a lot to ship back.