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I like lamb---but have never cooked it before---I did last night for dinner and boy, were they good!! Roasted onions and spuds in the same pan as the lamb, then stir fried bok choy with garlic and what a lucious meal--got eaten up so the fam liked it too. will do it again.

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Re: tiny lamb chops

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Lamb loin chops cooked on a charcoal grill are delicious. 


We get real thick ones at Costco that look like small beef porterhouse steaks.  Costco is the only place where I've seen lamb loin chops that good or thick.  The ones sold in average grocery stores are thinner and probably better seared on the stove.


A few hours ahead of grilling, I season the chops with Montreal Steak Seasoning, then  husband puts them on the grill, and we (hold your nose here) eat them by hand like cavemen.  They're very tender and juicy.


It's too hard to eat them in a civilized way by cutting  off all the meat from the bone with a knife.  Not a good food to serve in polite company!

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It's the only lamb I will eat.  They're really expensive so they're a rare treat for me.


I plan to pig out on them during the cocktail hour at my daughters wedding!


Instead of having them during the cocktail hour, I wish I could ask them to put some aside for me so I could have them for dinner in place of what will be offered.

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I love lamb chops but I rarely cook them because they are so expensive and so small.  That meal you cooked sounds delish! I remember when I was a kid, they sold lamb chops that had a kidney attached.  The chops were big, my Nana broiled them....I think.

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Lamb chops are one of my favorite meats.  I don't buy  those tiny ones.  I fix them in my air fryer and they are delicious.  I have the Montreal seasoning  so next time I will use it on  the lamb chops.  I have only used it on steak so far.

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Those are my husband's favorite.  I don't eat them and always feel guilty cooking them, but....I do.  Our local Food Lion always has the smallish ones...generally 5 to a pack.  


Grilled with some rosemary and garlic seasoning is his preferred meal.  


Just that and a fresh green salad and he's happy.