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/><br/></span></div> <div><span style=I got this recipe from my friend Susie Ann a few years ago and BOY has it been a lifesaver when the holidays roll around for gifts. I lose count of how many batches I make and bag up. It's quick and easy and DELICIOUS. And here's the best part-you get to make it ALL YOURS!

How? By switching up the nuts and dried fruit!

The one in the photo contains honey roasted peanuts and dried cranberries.......but.......

Here's what I did last year----I made Tropical White Chocolate Popcorn.........I added some of the Lorann coconut flavoring oil to the white chocolate, chopped macadamia nuts instead of honey roasted peanuts, and a mixture of dried pineapple and dried mango for fruit. Oh and I toasted some coconut and threw that in too.

There's no real measuring here-only the chocolate......I use 12 oz. to the 2 bags of popcorn or 6-7 cups. After that? Add what YOU like! Something else that's good in here? Broken pretzels.........MMMMMM.......and if you want to really fancy it up-drizzle the top of the coated corn with melted semi-sweet, dark or milk chocolate.......HEAVEN!

Just have fun with it...I sure do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is also great bagged up and donated for bake sales-if you're nervous about adding nuts due to allergies-you can certain leave them out and add a few different dried fruits........I'm telling you-you can't go wrong.

I can't thank Susie Ann enough for sharing this wonderful recipe. When you make this for your family and friends-you'll be a rock star!


Here's the base recipe that I build off of..............

(Source: my friend Susie Ann)

2 bags microwave butter popcorn (I have used the 94% fat-free microwave butter popcorn with great success) OR 6-7 c. plain popped popcorn-no butter needed
1 (12 oz.) pkg. white chocolate chips OR 12 oz. white almond bark
About 3-4 c. (more or less) honey roasted peanuts OR your favorite kind of nuts-either one kind or mix them up-I usually buy the regular size can and use just about all of it
1 (6 oz.) pkg. dried cranberries

Pop the popcorn in the microwave according to package directions, or use regular popcorn and pop it on the stove in a little oil (air popped would work too) long as you have 6-7 cups of popped corn. Pick out all the unpopped kernels (I spread the popped corn on a 15×10-inch baking sheet and pick through it).

Place the popped corn in a LARGE bowl. Add nuts and cranberries; toss together to mix. You need a REALLY big bowl to mix this in. I use the LOTSA bowl from Tupperware-it's the HUGE white one they used to sell (and maybe still do?).

Place the white chocolate chips in a large glass measuring cup or glass bowl, then put it in the microwave on 50% power for 40 seconds. Remove from microwave; stir. If not completely melted, return to the microwave and repeat the process JUST until the chips are melted and creamy.

Pour melted white chocolate over the popcorn mixture; toss to coat. Spread mixture onto trays; allow to dry.

Break large chunks apart. Store in an airtight container.