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Has anyone cooked one?  I got an email from Costco selling  a bacon wrapped, boneless, stuffed turducken.  It's made from turkey thighs, duck and chicken breasts with Italian sausage stuffing. Costs about $80 and weighs approx 6.6 lbs.  


What do you think?  I'm seriously considering getting one for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

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I have never tasted one, but I did watch how they were made on TV. It was really interesting and I enjoyed learning.


Eighty dollars is a lot of money to put out for something that might not taste so good. I wonder if Costco will pass out samples..



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Wish I could answer directly about that one item, but I’ve never tried anything like that. However, I can assure you that every food product I’ve bought from Costco by ordering to get it shipped or by purchasing at a Costco location was fresh and delicious.  


It will be high quality and carefully wrapped for delivery. I’d try hard to make sure I was home whenever it is scheduled to arrive. The value for the price is  entirely subjective. But I’ll bet it will be an attractive, tasty food you’ll want to share. 

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If I needed turducken, I'd get it from a local market.  It is not cheap, so $80 sounds OK,maybe, considering the source and how it must be shipped.


 A market near me advertises turducken for a price close to that, but for a much larger amount of meat than just 6,6 pounds.


Similar meat markets exist in other cities, so you might want to check online for any that sell turducken.

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That doesn’t interest me at all. I have heard of turducken but I didn’t realize how expensive they are. Enjoy if you get one. I’d have to sample first.

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I have tasted, but not cooked, turducken and am not a fan.  Based on what was leftover after that meal, no one else liked turducken either.  


I do not like duck, and that taste ruined the taste of the turkey and chicken.  There was also a nasty stuffing with mushrooms inside that I did not touch since I am allergic to mushrooms.   


Thankfully there was also plenty of turkey at this meal, since the turducken bombed.   

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Not appealing to me at all. I don't eat duck, bacon, or sausage - WAY too much fat.

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Have had it the last 2 Thanksgivings at one son's house and everyone enjoyed it. I don't know what brand but they do most of their shopping at a Stop & Shop, maybe that's just in the Northeast, I don't know, so that's probably where they got it. The stuffing in the one they've had was also good. They have quite a few people so also had a small turkey. Both years the turducken seemed to be enjoyed by all as far as I could see.

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I have had it a couple of times. We got them at a local Cajun market/restaurant here.

We all liked it. Different. Kinda pricey, but worth it I think.  But no, I would not buy one from anywhere except a Cajun place, they know their stuff when it comes to seasoning and cooking.


It’s a speciality item even for that place, something not always available. But, holiday time comes around and the place takes orders like crazy.

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I'd rather cook the turkey and duck separately!  I LOVE duck!