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Just curious - who uses a cooking bag for their turkey?  My mom always did and I do as well.  I was thinking about not using one this year, but it always comes out so good... so I think I'll stick with the bag this year!

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We used once and never did it again.

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I have never cooked one in a bag, just followed the directions on the packaging and never had one turn out bad yet in 40 years.

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I've never used the clear plastic baking bags for turkeys, but my Dad always cooked his turkeys in large, brown paper grocery bags and they came out so good!


That's how I also cook mine, many recipes online.

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I always use a cooking bag. Am always happy with the way the turkey turns out. No fuss, no muss, no basting.

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I think this is my 6th year making a turkey (after my mom passed) and I've never used a bag.I surprise myself as I'm not in any sense a cook that it turns out really well. I'll be crossing my fingers again for this year.

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I have never used these bags at all.  I think it stems from my childhood as my dad would never allow us to cook in a "plastic" anything!!    Interestingly I had never heard of the brown paper bag method?!

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I don't because I want all those lovely brown bits in the roasting pan for my gravy. I don't pride myself on cooking but I can make Turkey gravy.  

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No bag.  I like the skin to brown nicely and crisp up a little. 

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I like using the bags. Everything stays in and is moist. My husband helps me and we cut a corner out when the turkey is done and he holds it up to let the juices run out into the pan I’m going to make gravy in. Nothing gets wasted.