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Hi has been a nice sunny day here....but chilly....good for end of March.  I checked our other connection and saw cookie's messages.  Such a shame she is having that problem with sign-in.  Well, we will keep in touch here, there or anywhere.....until we are back to normal here.  Then I hope it doesn't happen to someone else.


All for today......


U ..... U are missed here, cookie!!  

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Hello friends ... we had a strange weather day ... sunny, then rain, then big wet snowflakes, then ended the day with sun ... chilly here too but the 50's are coming this weekend!!


Poor cookie, it's got to be so frustrating for her .. and us too! I can't figure out either why she can't get on ... but like we said, at least we can still chat with her on the "other side"


Have a good night ...See you in the morning.


V ~ 🤔 VELVEETA ... 😁


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Good morning friends ... ugh cookie! if you don't get any help from the Q again today maybe your GS/GD can help you out??


We'll have a partly sunny 48 degree day ... but the weatherman said we might get some snow later on ... 🤷‍♀️


I think I'm going to go through my cabinet in the basement today ... I keep some of my baking pans and "overflow" pots/pans, containers in it and I noticed I have some things in there that I don't really use anymore ... might as well get rid of them and organize it!!


Shout out to walker and kittyfan ... 👋👋


Have a good day ... pouring and passing ... I'll pick up with the X since cookie used the W on the otherside ...


X ~ Xxxxing out cookies problem or Xtra cup of coffee






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Good Morning Friends!  ☕️



☹️ cookie again....good X, Tootie.  Hope she can X out the problems here and get "back on board"! 🤞


Who put coffee on?  Missing kittyfan too.  😧


Today I have to go for my follow-up doctor appointment about BP...🤞.  BP has been pretty good so we'll see....


Good luck clearing things out, Tootie.  I went through my kitchen recently and found three things to get rid of....whooo hoooo....oh well, it's something.  I have a hard time with "I might need this"...ha!  Did same thing in my closet....ugh....told myself....self...if you don't wear this by end of year......out it goes! better than I did, Tootie.....especially if in basement....must be time to go out the door!


Bye for now .....


Y ...... Yellow Pepper


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Hi....just checked my other connection for message from cookie.....guess she is still on the Merry-Go-Round here.

Left my message about doctor appointment there....doing ok.  Going to bake some cookies is really chilly outside...windy but sunny....think I may skip the walk and just bake.....and dont' eat...just bake....ha!


See you  later....


Z ..... Zesty French Fries


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Hello friends ... good news with your doctor visit walker!! ... it sounds like you do love your shoes!! ... my cabinet is all nicely organized ... I got rid of some bigger pots that I no longer use and found some knock-off tupperware containers that are being donated too ... I have a small kitchen with limited cupboard space so I have to keep those things that I don't use all the time down in the basement ...


Our wind and snow came right on time (as was predicted) ... back to winter ... ⛄ ... for today only!!!


Have a good night ...


A ~ Avacado


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Good evening. Missing our Cookie but glad we can reach out.

A good Dr's apt is always njfe

Cody day here. I saw some deer last week. Passing through. Haven't seen seen any in a while.

I posted earlier than usual yesterday Dr WY so didn't Lea b e Coffee pot ready!!+

So Coffee pot is ready. Hoping

Cookie us first up to bat.

Had a conversation with jakes friend the other day. To kycdismsy Holly has been joining him on his ventures. He said he had been able to pet her. Jake always wants pets.

Said they has 12 rat terriers at one time. Down to 4. Holly looks like the greed. Jakes mix shows through. Even though we Hage need heighbirs for a long time conversations are rare. He did help me out a few yearsxato when I stepped in a hole. Mud sucked m y shoe down. Fortunately he saw me and pulled pull me out.

No news.

Coffee pot do b e.

B: breakfast

C: next

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Re: Thyme For Fun!

[ Edited ]

Good morning friends ... cookie, ugh!! keep calling and calling .. and just maybe someone will be able to figure your problem out ... so maddening! 🤬


kittyfan, good to see you! ... how cute that Holly wants to be part of the "neighborhood gossip" ... you have some very sociable dogs!! ... I laughed at your story about your foot in the hole of mud ... not really funny though because you could have gotten injured ... good thing your neighbor was there.


Shout out to walker ... 👋


We're finally supposed to have a sunny but chilly 37 degree day here 😎 ...


Have a good day ... pouring and passing ...


D ~ Doughnuts



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Good Morning Fiends!  ☕️☕️☕️.....☕️


Still waiting for cookie to get her cup of coffee here.  😟 

Never give up.....we keep hoping!  🤞


Tootie, glad you had success with the basement cupboard.  Now hurry to donate the items ...haha.  Listen to me...I have two bags here waiting to go out the door! 😆

Must be a "do as I say not as I do" message! 

"Holly and the neighborhood gossip" funny, Tootie!  You do have very social dogs, kittyfan!  Kind of "coffee over the fence" moments with dogs.  Cute!  And, your foot in mud hole sounded like a Lucy moment!  😅


It should be sunny but chilly here today too.  Tomorrow we are suppose to have some storms....hopefully not as strong as predicted.  I am planning to meet some friends for lunch so hope we get together before weather gets bad.


Planning a family Easter Brunch here with MIMOSAS! 👍

Any plans for you yet?  Easter Egg Hunt for LG and LS?


All for now......hope you have a nice day.  See you later.


E ..... Extra-Eggs for Easter


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Hello friends ... we had a nice and sunny day!! tomorrow, not so nice ... rain for most of the day ...


I'm watching LG/LS tomorrow ... DS is having issues at work/meetings and it is the day for the kids to stay home, DIL working. So grandma/grandpa to the rescue!! I was hoping that we could go for a walk but it looks like that idea will be rained out!! 😒


Yikes!! we haven't even discussed Easter yet ... pretty sure that we will go to DS/DIL house ... she does a cute Easter Egg Hunt at her house for the kids ...


Maybe we'll see cookie on here in the morning 🤞 ... I will try to hop on before the kids get here ...


Have a good night ... see you in the morning!!


F ~ FRUSTRATED and FRANTICALLY trying to FIGURE out how to get cookie back on the boards!! ... or Fudge