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Good morning friends ... it's a rainy day here, high of 67!


cookie, for Halloween, LG is going to be Buzz from Toy Story and LS is going to wear a colorful tutu with a shirt that says something about a princess witch ... DIL is going to take LG to see some of their neighbors and I imagine he'll have some kind of "party" at daycare.


walker, I did not know that about the infusion ... hope your DB continues to improve.


kittyfan, glad you got to see your favorite person when you went to pick up your pie ... I bet they are happy to see you too!!


Have a good day ... pouring and passing ... can you imagine if we lived close by to each other ... SCC Parties everyday!! 💙


T ~ Turkey




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Hey Tootie ~


I am sure we would have a great fantastic time if we all lived close!  PD wouldn't be too happy though 😁


Jumping in for he U!!






Q Let's Party.jpg


U - hummmm  oh right UB's !

V is next  your turn Tootie😊

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Hahaha cookie, the PD would know us for sure!! ... "oh boy! we've got another call complaining about those ladies ..."


Hmmm ... you want me to take the V?? ... let's see ...


V ~ VELVEETA ... 😁


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Good Morning Good Friends!  🇺🇸☕️🍂🎃



CAN I JUMP IN QUCK.....I will try hard on good V like....

VERY GOOD FRIENDS HERE!  We would be the best neighbors on SCC Court!  😂 our funny dreams, eh?  Good for us...not the PD is right!!  😂


Halloween coming soon...oh, Tootie, LG will be a cute Buzz!  I remember my GS being that one year...he was Buzz and GD was Bee.....we had a lot of Buzz-Buzz jokes cute though.  

cookie, another great it.  Glad you are enjoying nice weather....makes up for all the non-stop heat you have had there.


kittyfan, hope everyone likes the pie.  Sounds yummy...of course, everything is good at Cafe!


Happy Thursday!  I'll let you know if I hear more from my brother.  Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.


OK.....Tootie's letter.....try, try, try.....


V ...... VERY big bowl of macaroni with VELVEETA!! 😁


NEXT ..... W 



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HA!  I am not quick enough!  BUMP!

W .... WINE!  🍷 Happy Hour on SCC Court!


NEXT .... X 

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Checking in. The pie was gorgeous and DELICIOUS. I left home thinking I would be early. Ran into construction. Crawled up Highway and then one lane. Got to my friends. Working on street. Had to park a block away. Carrying my previous cargo (pie)

Chatty Cathy was hostess. She was wound up. Then someone else started. Oh my.

One of the ladies said someone is trespassing at their church. Can't get police report. They had this happen another time also

SCC ladies know how to party hearty and enjoy the fun times and support each other during the not so happy times

X: xtra hugs for all you lovely ladies

Y: nexr
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Good morning ~


kittyfan, you sure went through some obstacles getting your pie delivered!  Chatty Cathy - oh no - again?  Glad the gorgeous pie made it and was delicious as well.  Love the Cafe!  Thanks for the X'tra hugs. 


walker, love your BUMP excuse 😂🍸🍷🍺🍨🥧 SCC Happy Hour!!!  Great idea!    A very clever V too  😊  Tootie's dream? Hope your DB is well and getting better and better.


Tootie, the Halloween costumes sound so cute.  I am sure you get some great pictures.  Kids are so cute when they are young❤  Hope you get some good weather for a bike ride.


Passing the coffee ~


Y - Yellow mustard

Z is next

There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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Good morning friends ... kittyfan to the resuce!! through thick and thin, the pie was delivered in one piece ... 😁 glad you enjoyed it! ... Chatty Cathy and someone else talking?? yikes!!


cookie, oh yes, we'll get all kinds of pictures ... we haven't been on many bike rides this year ... too hot or rainy ... maybe sometime before the snow falls (did I just say that?? 😮) we'll some rides in ...


walker, hope all is well with you ... DB doing better?


We'll have a cooler day here ... we're at 50 degrees now and that is where it will stay ...


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


Z ~ Ziploc Bags


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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸☕️🍂🎃



Just read an article about Laughter is the Best Medicine!

We do that well here, right?  As kittyfan said...SCC knows how to party and have fun but supportive too. 👍  And, thanks for Xtra hugs, kittyfan.  Hugs are always good...get my best ones from 3A's.


Thank you all for concern about my brother.  As of yesterday, he was doing better but not through it all.  He said his fever was down but still coughing and very tired. You know that well don't you, cookie?  Today he has a nurse coming out for assessment.  More updates later.


Funny story...yesterday I received something in mail from my brother which he mailed right before diagnosis.  I opened it, read it and dropped it like a Hot Potato! 😳 COVID??  I think...🤞 lost it germs in mail system but panicked for a minute.  On pins and needles again with this darn disease!


Tootie, I hope you get a few nice days yet for bike rides but cooler weather definitely moving in.  Still have your grill out?  We do but haven't used it recently.


Well...thanks for coffee, cookie.  Fun sipping and chatting with all of you.  Oh, speaking of chatting...glad you had a delicious pie to enjoy, kittyfan, while you listened to double Chatty-Cathys...🙄😂.


Happy Friday everyone!


A ..... Apple Pie Spice


NEXT ..... B 



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Hello ... glad your DB is doing a little better ... I snickered when I read your story about getting a piece of mail from him and you dropped it like a hot potato ... not laughing at you but you are right ... this virus has us all on pins and needles ... I remember early on with this that I would spray my mail and my mailbox with Lysol ... probably a little overboard but I was very paranoid ... I just wish it would go away!!


Our grill is still out too but we haven't grilled in a while ... pretty soon, it's time to tuck them away for the winter ...


See you later ...


B ~ Bread and Butter