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Just last week I made a recipe of FIRECRACKERS.  They were served with cheese and summer sausage as an appetizer; some enjoyed them with chili.  I make Firecrackers out of 1 pound of regular saltine crackers, which I stack up in an air tight glass jar or Lock N Lock container.  I pour a mixture of: 1 cup oil, 1 pkg of Ranch dressing mix, 2 T red pepper flakes and 1/2 t garlic powder over the crackers.  I  tightly cover the container and for several hours, I turn the container every 15 minutes, coating the crackers.  The crackers are flavorful and not oily; delicious!

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@lork   Thanks for sharing your results.  I first thought that It sounds like too much oil, but glad to hear they work out perfectly!  I just got a new box of saltines, so I'm trying it this weekend!  

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Re: Spicy Crackers...

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The latest holiday issue of  ALLrecipes magazine has  Alabama Fire Crackers, using whole grain saltines, that you might want to look up.  Sounds like what you are looking for.


Mix all seasonings in a plastic bag including some oil, turn bag periodically to combine seasonings.


Add crackers and seal.  Turn occasionally to coat crackers well.  Let stand 8-12 hours more.