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does anyone watch utube recipie videos like myself?I have 1 person that I follow.her name is simply mama cooks.her casserole dishes are really colorful and pretty.she is very easy to follow,and has a soothing voice

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Sorry, just can't do.



Usually these people who do video's are either paid or sponsored by someone.  I had a hard time watching the video of the Q's  David V demonstrating his donuts and found what he said and what the actual recipe was two different things.



Enjoy....but there's great stuff to watch on the Food Network and a lot of interesting shows on History.  Nat Geo is a favorite too.

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Sometimes I'll watch some on YouTube but I also belong to a couple of Facebook groups that  have keto recipes.  I've learned the hard way, however, that there are some that call themselves keto and use numerous processed ingredients that I disagree with being keto friendly.  It's disappointing to get excited about a recipe picture and then find out what the ingredients are, and you've just wasted several minutes on something you won't make. 🤦‍♀️

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Bummer jeanlouisefinch
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I follow several keto channels for great recipes.

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@sherrikay , Yes, her channel is one saved to my favorites.  Coming from a Mexican-Korean background, I like the variety of recipes she demonstrates as well as familiar dishes like her cornbread (yum minus the sugar).  One of my absolute favorite  YouTube's was the late Phyllis Stoked boy, was she a walking cookbook!!  Still miss her..  Betty's Kitchen is another great coking channel.


Of course the goal of these You Tubers is to get paid.  If their viewership, subscribers and commenters are  sufficient, You Tube pays them.  If they are really popular, then the ads  are attached to their channel and more $$ become available--  subject to commercials actually watched.  


I think these YTers should be paid because quite a lot of work goes into producing their videos.  You Tube certainly makes .ega money off of them!  Many YTers produce exceptionsl and quite professional workal