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Can anyone give me a good recipe for authentic potato dumplings?  I bought the Panni brand (in the box) but found them to be gummy.  

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This recipe is from a former co-worker:


4 big russet potatoes

1 cup flour

1 tsp salt

1 egg


Peel and finely grate potatoes (grating in a food processor saves a lot of work).  Place in middle of 2 layers of flour-sack dish towels and wring out as much liquid as possible.  Place in big bowl and stir in flour, salt, and egg.


Drop by full teaspoons into big pot of boiling water.  Gently stir with wooden spoon.  Reduce heat to slowly boil for 40 minutes.


Drain in colander and rinse with hot water.  

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My father used to put these dumplings in sauerkraut.  What other ways can you use them?

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This recipe is very similar to the ones my mom (a great bohemian cook) used to make:

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My Slovak grandmother made these and mixed them with fried cabbage and onions.  Delicious.  We called them halushky.  Sometimes she mixed them with dry cottage cheese instead of the cabbage.  Really good too.