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This has never happened to me before, 2 weeks in a row I have left bananas on my kitchen counter to ripen and the peels have split! I looked up what would cause this and it stated heat and humidity. I guess I'll have to put them in the fridge as they start to ripen. 

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@Jordan2- If you do put them in the fridge be aware that the skin

will turn dark but the banana inside will be be light in color.  I do this when they are ripening too fast.  This will extend the life of the fruit for a couple more days.

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Bananas seem to bring in fruit flies the minute I put them out on the counter. I usually cut them in thick slices (without the peel) and freeze them in freezer bags, Then I put the peels into a tightly closed bag and take to the outside garbage can. We have had such record humidity the past week I have seen every kind of bug imaginable in my house. Ugh. 

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Place the banana peels at the base of rose bushes.....they love the nutrients....

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I bought the little Dyna Trap from QVC and am very impressed with it! In fact DH bought one for the lunch room in his office!

dyna trap.jpg


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Be sure to separate the bananas as soon as you get them home, lay them flat, not touching, and they will keep longer.  

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I have read, maybe in the past year to put aluminum foil around where the bananas connect.  I've tried this, it seems to work.  I usually only buy 4 or 5 bananas at a time with just two of us here.  

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I am in some kind of ripe banana minority.  I try to buy when they are marked down because the skins have slight darkening marks.  Then I keep them for another couple of weeks until the innards are just this side of spoilng.   Ummmm Good !  Best for Antonella's banana cake recipe, too.

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I don't buy many bananas in the summer.  We don't have central air, and turn on the wall unit only when it gets really hot...we don't love air but use it when necessary.


Bananas or other food items tend to go bad in the kitchen when its really hot.  I have to refrigerate things that generally I would not.