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Hi Everyone!

I have both of Mary Beth's cookbooks and they are two of my very favorites (for all of these years).  I'm wondering if any of you also have them and if you can share your favorite recipes from these books.  Would love to try some of the recipes that I have not yet tried based on your recommendations!

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I had her first cook book, My Family's Favorites.  I think it came out in the early 90's. All I remember was a a cheese soup and Tater Tot casserole. I tried both and they were gross. I got rid of that cookbook years ago and didn't buy her second one. It was just not my style of cooking. I also had Bob Bowersox's cookbook. His recipes were somewhat better. 

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I have both cookbooks but never did I lot of cooking from them.  They do have some very good recipes.  One favorite was her white chocolate chip orange cookies.


I do little cooking these days.

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I just made her Applesauce Cookies this afternoon (used less sugar) and they came out great.


At holiday time I make her orange jello with the sherbet and mandarin oranges.


Her Potato Soup is another favorite that I have been making for years. Also like her Italian Spaghetti Sauce recipe.



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Thank you!  I'll give the potato soup a try!  I just made the Swedish Meatballs again the other night -- definitely a family favorite (from the first cookbook).  I lighten it up with turkey instead of beef, and lowfat soups and sour cream.  Delicious!

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I'll have to try them!  Something different and unexpected...

Thank you!

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Never bought any of David's books either.  Says he's just a home cook like me but........when he flips through the pages I don't even recognize the names of the dishes.   

Half of these cookbooks are devoted to sweets which I never make.  One box of sweet something from Wegmens is my routine.


Google is my cookbook!

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Re: Mary Beth's Cookbooks

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I have both books.  I really enjoy the Pink Champagne Salad.  I made it a lot before the pandemic for church dinners.  It's from the second book.  And the Cranberry Salad also from the second book.  There is also a Cranberry Salad in the first book, and a Cranberry Christmas Salad just above that one.  Can you tell I like cranberries?  I did notice that a couple recipes were printed without the correct directions.  They were just a little off , which made a diffrence in making them.



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I have both cookbooks. My favorite recipe is the Snickers Cookies - always a hit!

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I still use both of her cookbooks. Mostly for main dishes and salads.