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I got a gingerbread house mold, but I don't want to make gingerbread in April! Does anyone have a recipe that would hold up? Can I use a brownie mix? I've never made a house before, so I need "expert" advice! 

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I've only made one gingerbread house and that was some years ago. From what I remember, the dough has to be very stiff to hold up. Just my opinion, but a brownie mix is much too soft. Maybe someone else has a better idea, but I'd wait until you can make the real thing.

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Re: Gingerbread replacement

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 there is a ginger bread cake made with beer and alot of ginger  that  is a little different tasting from regular gingerbread  called " Gramercy Tavern Ginger bread  "  made with stout beer .  It might be cute to decorate it like a tavern  instead of the traditional Christmas gingerbread house.

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What type of mold? A flat mold with individual sides and roof pieces held together with icing? Or a Bundt mold shaped like a house?


Were you thinking along the lines of a decorated house? If the Bundt how about a lemon cake decorated with gummie fruit slices and strawberry Twister? 

If the flats, what about making homemade graham crackers?

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i would try a sugar cookie or shortbread. Maybe try the "tube of sugar cookie" stuff and see if that the right direction.

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It's a flat mold. I did find a sugar cookie recipe!