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I had it yesterday with a scoop of chicken salad, cantaloupe, and hint of salt wheat thins. It makes such a cooling lunch on a warm day.

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As a filling in strudel.  My grandmother made the best.  

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I like it weth chives and ketchup!

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I like it with canned peaches, apple butter, jelly, or just plain

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cottage cheese with  sweet spicy baked beans .

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Piece of toast

Put Cottage Cheese on top

Put slice of American Cheese on top of that

Broil until cheese on top gets a little melted.


OLD college recipe!  

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Love it with peaches !!!!

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A T of apricot jelly and walnuts and craisins. Yum!!

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Likewise, I hated cottage cheese. But my mom would top it with a generous serving of applebutter, and that made it a delicious treat!


For those who are wondering what is applebutter:


 Apple butter is a highly concentrated form of apple sauce produced by long, slow cooking of apples with cider or water to a point where the sugar in the apples caramelizes, turning the apple butter a deep brown...

 - Wikipedia

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Re: Cottage Cheese

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@LuvmyLab (KarenK)

   Try Kemps brand.

I prefer the large curd, but even their small curd is far less weepy than most other brands in my area.

   Make that ALL other brands...