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When I was younger I hated cottage cheese but now I love it.  I enjoy it with fresh berries, bananas, apples sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, melons & also in recipes like frittata & noodle kugel (pudding)!



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@MOMMAVik  I love it with pineapple, peaches, strawberries or mangos.  🍍🍓

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Plain works for me.

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I take mine with fresh ground multi-color peppercorns......

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Years ago I worked with a fella who's wife would not eat cottage cheese, he did most of the cooking, grocery shopping, etc., one night he decided to whip up fresh avocado's with cottage cheese and served it with diced tomatoes, his wife thought she was eating guacamole and scarfed it down!  I tried it, it's really good!

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@MOMMAVik I am with you Momma....Good source of protein.  I enjoy it with fruit, scrambled eggs, and on toast with cinnamon

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I love cottage cheese with pineapple. Seems like cottage cheeses these days are so "wet". I prefer a less creamy, drier cottage cheese. Safeway stores eons ago had the perfect cottage but they don't make it anymore. 


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@Desertdi wrote:

I take mine with fresh ground multi-color peppercorns......

I like a few sprinkles of Montreal steak seasoning.

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LuvmyLab, totally agree with you! I just bought a carton of small curd last night and it was like soup. I prefer not to be able to stuck my cottage cheese through a straw. 

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I love cottage cheese.  I buy the full 4% fat and large curd.   I can eat it as is or with fruit or vegetables.   My mom used to mix it with sour cream and wide flat egg noodles.  Yummy. 

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