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We had this tonight - to be honest I'm not a pizza fan but with the extra breadiness and not heavy on the sauce, it turned out well.  DH liked.  You can cut it in half and bake in a 9 x 9 pan or 9 x 13 for a dish with some leftovers - reheats well.  If you have kids or teens around, this has been a hit according to my friends.



Note:  I used sausage (not cooked) pepperoni, fried fresh mushooms and onions.  I did not use cheddar cheese.  I also sprinkled with a little fennel seed and italian seasoning.  Do whatever you prefer.  I also did not have pizza sauce but I did have some leftover spaghetti sauce (I just drizzled it on because I'm not a huge sauce person).  


Hope you try it and like it!

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I had never heard of this until about 2.5 years ago when I was in a nursing home for rehab/therapy because of a broken leg and wrist.  I was in physical therapy one day and another resident had made this as part of her occupational therapy.  Now I make it all the time. 


I use one of the small cans of Grands biscuits and cut them up pretty small.  Most recipes I found used 2 cans of the regular size but I'm not much for bread/biscuits, etc.  I brown about 1.5 lbs. hamburger & onion, drain then add sliced pepperoni and 2 cans of pizza sauce (I normally order extra sauce on my pizza anyway).  Spread that over the biscuits and top with 2 packs of shredden mozzarella cheese and then sprinkle oregano on top.  

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