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ALDI flour recall for possible e.coli

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Just in case the foodie clan hasn't seen this news, ALDI flour has been recalled.


Some other recent Aldi food recalls.......

May 20, 2019
In Association with Oakhouse Bakeries, LLC, ALDI Voluntarily Recalls Specially Selected Paleo Maple Almond Granola from Stores Due to Potential Presence of Foreign Material

May 6, 2019
In Association with Tyson Foods Inc., ALDI Voluntarily Recalls Kirkwood Buffalo and Honey BBQ Crispy Chicken Strips from Select Stores Due to Potential Presence of Foreign Material


Other Aldi food recalls are listed on the company's website under the appropriately named link.  Quite a few have occurred in recent years and months.

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Re: ALDI flour recall for possible e.coli

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Yes, thank you @novamc . There was a thread posted



Aldi's website posts recalls going back to 2013. Nice, considering some people stockpile or freeze items and may lose track of what they bought.


That Tyson (Aldi's Kirkwood brand) recall earlier this month referred only to product with certain production numbers on the packaging.


I was in another (national chain) store (not Aldi) and saw certain Tyson products "sale" priced. I checked the production number, and every one with reduced sale price had a recalled production number on it.


SMH. That must've been some manager's call, to get rid of it by selling it and making it the customer's problem.