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*scratching my head* A waitlist order from June....

....just SHIPPED?! I had a waitlist order that I placed in June, and I totally forgot about it. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I cancelled it. It was for a Laura Geller item.

I woke up this morning and checked my emails. There's one from the Q; "Your order has shipped". What order?! I rub my eyes, thinking maybe I'm imaginging it in my sleepy haze. Nope. The waitlist order I placed on 6/6/10 has shipped.

REALLY?! Its just not making sense (unless a few of you know something that I don't) I'm off to check my emails and see if there is an email from the Q asking me if I want to keep the order after the 45 days were up.

I'm not angry, I'm just really confused and scratching my head wondering about this. I hope this gave at least one of you a good laugh on this Friday! Smile