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I know what you are saying and agree with getting more information watching the presentation at times.  I chose to shop the Q on line but I do watch certain shows like Valerie's which are for me relaxing.  This complaint about rude hosts is an old one as I stated and we have to decide our way to deal with it until the format changes if ever it does.  Thanks for your response!!!!!



I always enjoy your posts....and I also like to watch Valerie's shows .....

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Witnessed this extreme rude act tonight. Cutting off a guest, only to babble. It's not what you say, it's how you say it.
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Don't think they are rude... just doing what they are told to do.  Limited time.  

limited time?  plenty of time to talk about inane stuff, and when they show 4 items an hour there is plenty of time to tell me sizes, fabric content. 

it is the way they have done it for 30 years and they don't want to change it up.




Your so right they find plenty of time to insert personal stories or play 20 questions with the vendor, or have a gigglefest....Woman Frustrated

What's insane is after they talk all their nonsense, they turn to the vendor and say could you tell us in 20 seconds about the details. 

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Bad sales .....Bad Job ....your wrong !!!!